August 15, 2015

Lawyers for Family Justice


The Family Justice Center is currently recruiting for it’s September 2017 Lawyers for Family Justice cohort. For information, see the flyer directly below.

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 About the Family Justice Center’s Legal Incubator Project

The Family Justice Center is a warm and welcoming one-stop center for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse and human trafficking. We bring resources to meet the needs of children, youth and families impacted by interpersonal violence, recognizing that family violence greatly impacts children’s healthy development including their emotional, mental and physical health.  Over 80% of Family Justice Center clients have at least one pressing legal need.
The Family Justice Center’s legal incubator is a program for new or transitioning attorneys starting their own solo, small firm, or nonprofit practice.  An incubator provides a work environment where incubator attorneys can gain experience in the practice of law and knowledge about how to manage a law practice while being mentored, supervised, and taught by experienced attorneys.

We support practice areas including family, immigration, consumer (debtors’ rights), and housing law attorneys. The Center will provide infrastructure, law practice software, training and mentor attorneys.

Incubator attorneys sign an MOU for 18-months to provide Pro Bono service in exchange for their training and the incubation of their practice.  Ideally, upon completion of the program, incubator graduates will be able to launch a sustainable law practice, providing affordable services in Contra Costa.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants

How do I apply?
A cover letter and resume may be submitted to Susun Kim at

When does the program start?
The 2016 cohort began in January 2016 and will continue through June 2017.

Who would make a good incubator attorney?
Successful incubator attorneys are members of the California State Bar who are willing to work hard to start their own solo, partner, or nonprofit practice.

Do I have to pay any fees?
Incubator attorneys pay nothing to us.  No rent, no fees, no cuts of income generated.  Attorneys are asked to carry their own malpractice insurance.

Where will I be located?
Incubator attorney applicants choose between being located in Richmond at the West Family Justice Center at 256 24th Street, and Concord at the Central Family Justice Center at 2151 Salvio St., Ste 201, Concord.  Applicants are welcome to come in and tour the centers.

Will I be an employee of the Family Justice Center?
No, all incubator attorneys are employees of their own firms/law offices.

What is the duration of the program?
The program is structured to last eighteen months.

Do I need malpractice insurance?
Yes. Participants are required to carry 100/300 coverage, which is available for $50 per month.

Do I need to form my own firm?
Yes. You must either form your own solo firm or create/join one with other attorneys. Participants are not employees of Lawyers for Family Justice or the Family Justice Center. In consulting with Lawyers for Family Justice staff or other incubator participants, you will be expected to maintain client confidentiality consistent with participants’ status as separate firms.

What are the expectations of me as a participant?
Aside from complying with your ethical obligations as a lawyer, you are expected to contribute at least 100 hours of pro bono service during your association with the incubator.


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