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Each Family Justice Center client works with a trained and culturally competent Navigator who serves as the client’s single and trusted point of contact. Navigators work with each family to complete a comprehensive needs and risk assessment. They help clients to identify the goals and outcomes that each family would like to achieve. They also support clients to make safety plans and connect with all the services they need to find long term solutions, including employment, financial literacy and other economic assistance programs. Navigators will connect you to our partners for direct services.

Ask a Navigator about:

Adult education, GED, ESL
Case management for seniors
Civil legal services
Comprehensive services for deaf victims of violence
Comprehensive services for domestic violence and child abuse victims
Comprehensive services for Latinas
Comprehensive services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) community members
Comprehensive services for sexual assault and human trafficking victims
Coordination of services
Counseling Services
Credit/debt counseling, job training
Domestic and sexual violence unit services, including investigation
Healthcare, mental health, and dentistry services
Home Health Services
Housing services and services for veterans
Investigation and support for child abuse and neglect
Job training, public benefits
Job training, youth programs
Literacy tutoring
Mental health
Mental health and case management services
Mental health children under 6
Mental health, housing and senior services
Mental health, housing, immigration law
Safety net services
Services for Southeast Asian women victims of domestic violence
Services for victims
Services for victims of elder abuse
Short term residential care facility for children
Training and capacity building
Youth development and healthy activities