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Inner Strength Yoga

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Karma Yoga Tribe presents Inner Strength Yoga, an engaging yoga class for all ages and practice levels. Click below for more information on Karma Yoga Tribe!

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“Large studies show that people who have been through one or more “adverse childhood experiences” have not only poor mental health outcomes, but also higher incidence of heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. Those experiences might include such things as physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Since the effects of trauma can be physical, “body-mind” interventions, like yoga, may be able to uniquely address them. Regulated breathing, for example, calms the parasympathetic nervous system. Practicing staying in the moment counteracts some of the dissociative effects of trauma. And the physical activity of yoga, of course, can directly improve health.”
~ “The Role Of Yoga In Healing Trauma”, Anya Kamenetz

Interested in yoga? Let me know and I will keep you posted on upcoming classes. Just email me at Oravanh at

Oravanh T.

Oravanh T.

Director, west center

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