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At Camp Arroyo

September 29 – October 1

Post Camp

October 21st


Mark Your Calendars!


Camp Family Justice Weekend

September 29th - October 1st

Experience the great outdoors!

What Can You Expect At Camp?

Rock Wall Climbing
Zip Lining
Arts & Crafts

Interested in camp?

Enroll Child

Click on the link below to apply or if you have a paper application you can bring it into any of our centers.


If you wish to be a part in this opportunity and want to volunteer click on the link below!

(Must be 21+) 

Want to contribute in another way?

You can help by offering a generous donation towards the camp to make a great experience even better! Simply click the link below and you will be directed to our donation link through paypal. Before finalizing the donation make sure to include Camp donation somewhere in the notes! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. FJC will provide transportation to and from camp, leaving from our two centers in Richmond and Antioch.

Yes. Youth and staff will be provided with meals every day.

 No. This camp is free to attend.

No. This camp does not permit the use of cellphones or electronics. There will be regular communications between Family Justice Center staff and parents/guardians each day. Contact information will be provided to all parents/guardians.

Yes. All volunteers and staff will be fingerprinted and will participate in a camp training. Volunteers are also CPR/ First Aid certified. Parents and campers will meet volunteers at pre camp.

There will be no more than 8 campers to one volunteer. 

All campers & volunteers are to be tested for COVID and checked for lice prior to departing for camp. 

Campers and volunteers will sleep in cabins there will be one adult volunteer assigned to each cabin.

A camper who is willing to participate in new or different activities, is optimistic, takes initative, works well with others, is inquisitive and sees most experiences as a way to learn would be most successful.

All situations will be assessed on a case by case basis. Campers will be given warnings for behavior that is disruptive or inappropriate before privileges are revoked followed by a contact home. 

You For Your Support

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