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Ready for a weekend of rock climbing, horse riding, games, activities, and more? Camp Family Justice is around the corner. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us or view the video below to see what happened last year!

The Family Justice Center will be hosting its annual camping trip for youth ages 8-12 years old from Alameda, Solano, and Contra Costa County to Camp Arroyo in Livermore, CA.

This annual trip is one of the many long term safety programs that focuses on violence prevention. The camp uses a three-phase process for participants: pre-camp, camp weekend and post-camp. It is important to create many opportunities for the Family Justice Center to connect volunteers and families.

Campers can enjoy a safe experience at Camp Arroyo. We provide various outdoor activities such as hiking, rock wall climbing, swimming, animal interactions, basketball, 3 meals per day, an on-site medical center, cabins and more.

Campers are able to learn leadership skills, self- care, gain an appreciation for nature, kindness and respect for others. For many campers, it will be their first time staying away from their parents and attending camp, giving them a greater sense of independence.

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(Ages 8-12 years old)

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YES. FJC will provide transportation to and from camp, leaving from our two centers in Richmond and Antioch.

NO. This camp is free to attend. 

YES. Youth and staff will be provided with meals every day.

NO. This camp does not permit the use of cell phones or electronics. There will be regular communications between FJC and parents/guardians each day. Contact information will be provided to all parents/ guardians   

YES. All volunteers and staff will be fingerprinted and will participate in a camp training. Volunteers are also CPR/ First Aid certified. Parents and campers will meet volunteers at pre camp.

There will be no more than 8 campers to one volunteer. 

All campers & volunteers are to be tested for COVID prior to departing for camp. 

Campers and volunteers will sleep in cabins. There will be one adult volunteer assigned to each cabin. 

A camper who is willing to participate in new or different activities, is optimistic, takes imitative, works well with others, is inquisitive and sees most experiences as a way to learn would be most successful.

All situations will be accessed on a case by case basis. Campers will be given warnings for behavior that is disruptive or inappropriate before privileges are revoked then a contact home. For any extreme measures of physical abuse, violence against staff or property the camper will be removed from activities, parent/ guardian and or both law enforcement  will be contacted.

Feel free to reach out to us with any question that you may have.

or call 510-974-7200

Kids at Camp Family Justice playing game.
Group photo of kids at camp family justice.
kid petting horse.
man holding lemur at camp fjc
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