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Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
Gun Relinquishment in Contra Costa County

For Restrained Persons

If You Have Been Served With a Restraining Order

The state of California and Contra Costa County require that anyone subject to a Restraining Order (RO) turn over, sell or store any firearms they own, possess or control.

If you are under a restraining order, California law SB 320 states that you may not own, possess or control guns, gun parts or ammunition while the RO is in effect. If you have guns, gun parts or ammunition you must, by law, either:

You must turn in all guns, gun parts and ammunition within 24 hours of being served with the RO, and file proof with the court within 48 hours of being served. Specific instructions for turning in, selling or storing your firearms in Contra Costa County can be found here. For more information, see this California Courts page. The form “Receipt for Firearms, Firearm Parts, and Ammunition” (DV800/JV270) must be filed with the court.

Don't Wait!

The judge will check your file for your relinquishment receipt. If you do not turn in all guns/parts/ammunition, and file the receipt within 48 hours, the judge will tell law enforcement to collect your guns, and tell the District Attorney’s Office that you are in violation of your restraining order. This violation may be filed as a criminal charge and may:

You can find more information about forms you have received on this California Courts page.

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