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Vision, Mission, & Values

Bringing hope and healing to survivors of interpersonal violence.

Our Mission

Since 2001, the Contra Costa Family Justice Center seeks to create a community that is there to support the healing process for those who are affected by any form of family violence and human trafficking. With our commitment towards healing, community, and safety, we strive to integrate capable partners with common goals to create a comprehensive service network to alleviate or prevent future instances of family violence. Together, we can help put an end to family violence and human trafficking.

Our Vision

The Contra Costa Family Justice Center envisions a vibrant community free from coercion and fear. A place where people can come to our centers for education, opportunity, and comprehensive and integrated services in the pursuit of justice, hope, and healing.

Our Values

The Contra Costa Family Justice Center values demonstrating respect and compassion to bring out the best in everyone we encounter. We also aim to provide a safe, dynamic, inclusive and innovative environment that promotes hope and healing. We believe that justice and accountability are vital to a strong community; while collaboration is essential to delivering excellence to people. Above all else, integrity is paramount in all our efforts.

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