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What is Navigation?

If you are a victim of interpersonal violence (IPV) and are unsure of what to do, then you should start by contacting a navigator at the Family Justice Center. 

At each Family Justice Center are a team of Navigators who are trained and culturally competent in addressing your needs. They serve as your single and trusted point of contact as they help assist you in removing barriers and connecting with a wide range of resources and partnering agencies. Navigators will work with each case to complete a comprehensive needs and risk assessment, and to identify the goals and outcomes that each family would like to achieve.

How A Navigator Can Help

A navigator can offer you safe and confidential place to talk about what you’re currently experiencing (we are not mandated reporters). After assessing your situation, they’ll be able to offer you a connection to specific resources that will address your needs and also offer additional resources that can help benefit your situation.

Some examples that we help with connecting to: 

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