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Community Fellowship

A program that helps community members that have experienced interpersonal violence develop their leadership skills in advocacy, training & events, technology, and more!

Project Connect

Project Connect is helping to create a space for people to come together to share resources, expand social support networks, a space to share your experience and more. Find out more!

Family Justice Institute

The Family Justice Institute strives to help educate our community about issues related to family violence. Some trainings are tailored for professionals, but many serve as opportunities for community members to come together to understand family violence and work to prevent it.

Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT)

The Family Justice Center leads and coordinates multiple teams that get together to discuss domestic violence, elder abuse, and more.

CHAT Project

A community basd program that helps families and communities connect with each other and to learn (or relearn) practices for moving through conflict, reducing violence, and strengthening connections

Strangulation Task Force

Aimed to educate the community about he dangers of strangulation and the increased risk of interpersonal violence. This collaborative seeks to highlight the dangers involved with strangulation and raise awareness.


Our Navigators provide a comprehensive service to clients by identifying their needs and connecting them to partners and other community services.

Youth Programs

The Family Justice Centers strives to help our youth by providing learning opportunities through programs and local resources.


Providing no cost, virtual appointments with a doctor regardless of insurance coverage.

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