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LaTonya [OLD]

LaTonya_GermanyHello my name is LaTonya Germany. I am a Community Fellow at the Family Justice Center in Richmond, California.

I am currently residing in the GRIP Family Shelter with my two daughters Faith Loville, age 17 and Julia Germany, age 3. Approximately a year ago my husband passed after a long battle with cancer. Due to the financial circumstances that followed, I felt it best that we return to my hometown of Richmond, CA. I made this decision to come home to be near my mother and extended family during our time of bereavement.

Living at the GRIP Family Shelter was a good choice for us to regain our footing, with just one exception. I felt that the food service needed an update to include additional healthy, nutritious choices. My project, “Yummy!” addresses those needs. Project “Yummy!” has connected with another local program “Cooking Matters” which provides an opportunity for participants to learn how to develop meal plans, shop and prepare home cooked meals for their families. It is my plan to bring this organization to share their skills with GRIP Shelter staff and residents.

For this to happen, $1,800.00 is needed for six weeks of demonstrations and training. It is my goal to assist GRIP in raising the funds and I am seeking support from the community-at-large. The next time you sit down to a delicious meal and think to yourself “yummy” feel free to come up with a donation and contact me

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