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Marisol [OLD]

Marisol_MartinezMy name is Marisol Martinez and I was hired as the second Community Fellow at the Family Justice Center in Concord, California. I have just been promoted to the position of Project Assistant/Navigation Support.

My responsibilities at the Center are: to support survivors of domestic violence with special attention to the Latina community. I have worked with the Latina community for 7 years. Since I am a Latina domestic violence survivor, I understand the needs and challenges that our community encounters on a day-to-day basis, and I know how difficult it is to open up and ask for help, especially when one does not speak English. The challenges I encountered while trying to find answers and resources for the women I work with inspired me to look for trainings that allow me to serve them better, and through this let them know that they matter and that they are not alone.

My project at the Central Family Justice Center, Project Connect, is a monthly community circle with Central Contra Costa residents. These meetings are a safe space for participants to share experiences, learn together and offer support to help each other face the challenges and needs that Latina women in this community find on their daily life. We co-create a confidential environment and engage topics that are of interest to participants.

My mission is to be a voice for immigrant Latina women. I want to support them in having a space where Latina women can find understanding, confidentiality, respect and safety, where they can expect to be heard supported. In other words, I want to be the voice that speaks to what other women would like to communicate when they cannot.

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