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Nelvis [OLD]

Nelvis_QuintanaMy name is Nelvis Quintana. I am a Community Fellow at the Family Justice Center in Concord, California.

Back in my Cuba, I obtained a degree in computer programming and information technology. I also have 4 years of study in psychology. I am a mother of 4 children, ages 1, 3, 11 and 15. My oldest child is a teenager, and like many teenagers, he likes to spend hours on the computer, connecting with others through social media. As I interact with him, I notice the importance of parental supervision and of being informed about what my son is exposed to.

My principal focus at the Family Justice Center was to research the area of new technology and social media with the goal of preventing the dangers that our children face in this area.

My vision is that parents have tools to prevent cyber bullying and its effects, from the physical to the psychological.

The mission of Project Cyber Prevention is to make Latino parents aware of the risks of social media to teens lacking adequate supervision, by putting together an introductory guide with information and resources.

My goal is that this will inspire parents to get more information and offer timely guidance to their children as to the risks and abuses they may encounter.

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