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Rosario [OLD]

Rosario_Aviles_IbarraMy name is Rosario Aviles Ibarra, Community Fellow at the Family Justice Center in Richmond, California.

Currently, I am a student at Contra Costa College obtaining a degree in Sociology. I am also a mother of two boys that are thirteen and eight years old. I would love to work as a counselor in a women’s correctional institution or youth center. My ultimate life goal is to open a non-profit organization serving domestic violence families

My vision for mothers who have faced domestic violence is that they know they are not alone. As a mommy in West County, I acknowledge that domestic violence is a big problem in our communities and I want to help!

Project MIA stands for “Mommies in Action.” My mission in making and distributing MIA care bags is to give women back a token of appreciation and admiration for having to endure such tragic and emotional events in their lives. MIA care bags are made to let our fellow sisters know that we as a community care about YOU.

I distributed my first set of MIA bags at the December presentation at the Latina Center called “Pasando La Voz con MIA”.

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