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Sindy [OLD]

Cindy_JuarezHi my name is Sindy Juarez. I am a Community Fellow at the Family Justice Center in Concord, California.

At present, I am pursuing a degree in Child Development at Diablo Valley College. Also, I am mother to a beautiful girl that has been diagnosed with Low Incident Disability. I strongly believe that every child is unique and special and that they learn in different ways; therefore our children deserve a quality education.

My mission with Project Raise Your Voice, a Parent’s Resource Guide. is to share my experiences with parents who have children with special needs to navigate the evaluation process. Many times, we do not know where to begin. Parents may ask: How do I start the process? What can I expect during the process?

My vision is that more children can achieve a college education, but this will only be possible if parents take an active role in their children’s education.

My hope is that this guide helps many parents and their children get appropriate and adequate services that will support a better education and professional success. You will find my Parent’s Resource Guide at the Family Justice Center website in the coming month.

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