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A one-stop center for families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, child abuse, and human trafficking



Introducing the West Family Justice Center
Introducing the Central Family Justice Center

We collaborate with 46 on-site public and nonprofit partners so your family can get safer sooner.

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Interpersonal Violence comes in many forms

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How we can help

Our mission is to bring together our community to support the healing of family violence survivors, and to integrate capable partners with a comprehensive service approach to renew individuals and our community from a trauma of family violence.
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When a client comes through the door, they are met by a Navigator who will connect them with resources from all over the County. For families seeking services, coming to one location is faster, more immediately helpful, and far less expensive than traveling to multiple locations throughout the county. Victims no longer need to tell their story multiple times, papers are filed right away and cases are completed more quickly. The Family Justice Center understands that survivors of interpersonal violence may have a long road ahead towards freedom and independence. We offer support grouped into four areas: Health, Education & Training, Wealth, and Community. We offer several programs for survivors, advocates, and community members: Project Connect, Family Justice Institute, WINGS, Empowered Breath Yoga and Cooking Matters.

The Family Justice Center

What is Elder Abuse?
Empowered Breath Yoga
Meet Jean and the Elder Abuse Prevention Project Center

Meet our team

Susun Kim

Executive Director
Reach Susun at susun@cocofamilyjustice.org.

Oravanh Thammasen

West Center Director
Reach Oravanh at oravanh@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the West Center.

Natalie Oleas

Central Center Director
Reach Natalie at natalie@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the Central Center.

Georgina Moran

Navigator II
Reach Georgina at georgina@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the West Center.

Marisol Martinez

Navigation Support/Project Assistant
Reach Marisol at marisol@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the Central Center.

Andrea Rios

Navigator I/ Fellows Coordinator
Reach Andrea at andrea@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the Central Center.

Jessica Wong

Navigator I
Reach Jessica at jessica@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the Central Center.

Christina Tejada

Navigator I
Reach Christina at christina@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the West Center.

Nazaria Preciado

Navigator I
Reach Nazaria at nazaria@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the Central Center.

Chelsea Miller

Restorative Justice Coordinator
Reach Chelsea at chelsea@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the West Center.

Marta Martinez

Project Assistant II
Reach Marta at marta@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the Central Center.

Isabella Valladares

Project Assistant II
Reach Isabella at isabella@cocofamilyjustice.org or by visiting the West Center.

Call us with any questions: (925) 521-6366 or (510) 974-7200