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Lawyers for Family Justice

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Over 80% of Family Justice Center clients have at least one pressing legal need.

Partner Spotlight


Tulin Acikalin, of ADZ Law, LLP, is partnering with the Lawyers for Family Justice program to provide legal trainings to our incubators as a part of our “brown bag lunch” series. Tulin is one of three founding partners of ADZ Law, LLP. Tulin relies on her background in business management, civil litigation, poverty law, and domestic violence non-profit legal services to mentor our family law incubators. For more information, please visit!

Legal Incubator Program

The Family Justice Center provides a work environment where incubator attorneys can gain experience in the practice of law and knowledge about how to manage a law practice while providing pro bono consultations and low bono services to clients of the Family Justice Center.

Individual attention from local attorneys in the following areas:

Family Law
Immigration Law

Meet the Attorneys

Learn more about the attorneys and learn how to join the legal incubator program at:

Questions about the Lawyers for Family Justice Program? Or interested in becoming a legal incubator attorney?
Email me at Natalie at

Natalie O.

Natalie O.

director, central center


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