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Fall Cooking Matters classes announced

Fall Cooking Matters classes announced

Just announced!  Register now for a FREE six-week Cooking Matters class beginning on Friday, October 10th until November 14th. Classes will be from 10am-Noon, so participants will eat the meal they make for lunch.  All classes will be provided in English.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.



Learn how to prepare fast, delicious and healthy meals on a budget

Come join us for 6 FREE cooking classes!

Practice skills like:

·    Preparing healthy and delicious recipes quickly

·    Buying fruits and vegetables on a budget

·    Comparing prices to find bargains

·    Reading and comparing food labels

·    Planning affordable meals and sticking to your budget!

In each class you will:

·    Cook and eat a healthy meal

·    Receive a FREE bag of fresh produce and new recipes to make at home

Graduates from Cooking Matters will receive a:

·    Free book full of tasty recipes and tips on how to choose and buy healthy, low-cost foods

·    Reusable grocery bag

·    Cutting board and meat thermometer

To register, contact Elizabeth Wilmerding at 510-965-4949 or

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