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Family Justice Center Navigator Karina Recognized For Making A Difference

This week was the National Victim’s Rights Week and to celebrate it the District Attorney’s office recognized 7 candidates within Contra Costa County for having an impact within the community for victim’s rights. We were proud to be notified that one of our own navigators, Karina, was among those recognized for the category of making…
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Organizations Working Together

Over the weekend, the Family Justice Center partnered with The Black Neighborhood in hosting a pop up farmers market! This was the first of its kind and a very special event for everyone involved. The Family Justice Center has had the pleasure of working with The Black Neighborhood in the past and supporting their food giveaway initiative. …
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FJC Solano Strategic Planning

Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance To Assist Rebuilding Solano

Recently, the Contra Costa Family Justice Center Alliance just finished it’s strategic planning event in Solano. This 2 day event was the first of many steps in rebuilding the area’s center to meet the standards that the Alliance of Hope International stated they did not meet. With the Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance taking over…
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Family Justice Center Parent Project Graduates

Congratulations to the Parent Project Graduates!

Concord Parent Project 2023 March 16, 2023 A groundbreaking accomplishment has just happened for our community! In a collaboration between both the Concord Police Department and Central Family Justice Center, parents graduated a 10 week class focused on education and bringing extra tools for them to respond as better parents for their children. At the…
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Good Neighbors by Faith Barnidge: Plan ahead for holiday volunteering

Helen Putnam Award The League of California Cities recently presented the Concord City Council with the Helen Putnam Award of Excellence for their collaboration with the Central Family Justice Center. The league selects one California city in each of 12 categories to recognize each year. The Family Justice Center is a one-stop, multiagency facility for…
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East Bay Leadership Council: Honoring Those Who Give Back

Contra Costa County Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence Initiative, Family Justice Alliance — Outstanding Collaborative Project In 2001, the County Board of Supervisors launched the Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence Initiative to improve service delivery systems and policy to support the county’s strong stance against family violence. Addressing this charge, Zero Tolerance has launched and…
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Exciting News from Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence Initiative

Contra Costa County Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence Initiative and the Family Justice Alliance are named… Outstanding Collaborative Project Join us at the East Bay Philanthropy Awards Breakfast brought to you by the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at JFK University and the East Bay Leadership Council. Awards ceremony on November 3, 2016 at 7:30 am at…
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An Update from the Front-Lines of Contra Costa County’s Legal Incubator Program

Carlos Carbajal is busy. As a Lawyer for Family Justice attorney, his appointment slots are booked solid every week and he has taken on over 50 paying clients (in addition to dozens of pro bono consultations) since joining Contra Costa County’s Legal Incubator program in February. [click here] “The need for pro and low bono…
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In Richmond, a modern approach to helping domestic violence victims

Aug 3, 2016 “Just imagine you are a victim of domestic violence, of sexual assault, of elder abuse, and you walk in here,” says Susun Kim, executive director of the Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance. “What do you notice? What do you see?” The West County Family Family Justice Center — a one-stop facility providing…
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Free medical clinic serving local uninsured patients moves into Family Justice Center

The RotaCare Richmond Free Medical Clinic is now located at the new West County Family Justice Center at 256 24th St. The free medical clinic — which is run by volunteer physicians and nurses who serve uninsured West County residents — had its grand opening celebration scheduled for last night. The clinic operates Tuesdays from…
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