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Month: March 2023

FJC Solano Strategic Planning

Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance To Assist Rebuilding Solano

Recently, the Contra Costa Family Justice Center Alliance just finished it’s strategic planning event in Solano. This 2 day event was the first of many steps in rebuilding the area’s center to meet the standards that the Alliance of Hope International stated they did not meet. With the Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance taking over…
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Family Justice Center Parent Project Graduates

Congratulations to the Parent Project Graduates!

Concord Parent Project 2023 March 16, 2023 A groundbreaking accomplishment has just happened for our community! In a collaboration between both the Concord Police Department and Central Family Justice Center, parents graduated a 10 week class focused on education and bringing extra tools for them to respond as better parents for their children. At the…
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