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Huffington Post: Financial Abuse Takes Heavy Toll on Domestic Violence Survivors

Huffington Post: Financial Abuse Takes Heavy Toll on Domestic Violence Survivors

In a recent article,  Huffington Post contributor Melissa Jeltsen talks about a recent study from Rutgers University that examines the impact of financial abuse on domestic violence survivors.

The article explores the emerging understanding that financial literacy should not be viewed as a luxury or secondary service but a key part of a survivor’s long-term safety and healing.

“Kim Pentico, the senior economic justice specialist at National Network To End Domestic Violence who trains advocates, said perceptions on financial programs for survivors are beginning to change.

In the past, Pentico said, offering financial education was seen as “icing on the cake,” a nice service when there was extra time and funding. But now, it’s being recognized as a core service.”

The article highlights the experiences of several survivors and is very similar to the stories shared by our most recent WINGS participants. The only program of its kind currently operating in Contra Costa County, Women INspired to Grow and Succeed (WINGS), was designed to increase self-sufficiency and leadership skills of survivors of interpersonal violence.  WINGS is built upon a promising practices model based on the Allstate Foundations’ Career and Financial Empowerment curriculum and supplemental materials designed specifically to meet the needs of Contra Costa residents.

The goal of WINGS is to empower and educate survivors of family and sexual violence so that they are able to set and achieve personal and professional goals. Topics include financial literacy, educational goals, career sustainability, goal setting, resume and interview skills, entrepreneurial skills, and stress management. These skill-building topics will be mixed with emotional support discussions and activities; it is critical that participants feel empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

Read the full article here.

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